Diana C.T.

18. Santa Cruz, Cali

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I’m in so much pain from my fall last night :(

I’ve got a bruise under my chin, two bruises on my left hand, 2 scratches on my leg; my jaw hurts and I can barely open my mouth; my shoulder just started aching painfully.

———Please, just kill me now. I haven’t broken a bone before, nor fallen flat on my face so I definitely have no idea how to cope with this pain…lol

Who the fuck slips and lands hella hard on someone else’s throw up? Me. Ugh so much embarrassment and pain.. I cried so hard too…. And then I came home. I feel disgusted

The moment when you like someone and then find out they are already interested in someone else……… moments of stupidity, and moments of discouragement

#I really need to get out of an Asian dorm building and find me a different race of guys

I thought I was jealous but then one of my close friends reminded me reasons why I should not be jealous over anyone.

At least I don’t let myself get taken advantage of because I’m too damn drunk. But then again, I never wanted to punch a guy in the face this bad, ever.. or at least in a long while.









Writing on Water.

Sometimes I am sinfully envious of the visually artistic.

This is honestly one of the mot beautiful things ever. 


holy shit

Oh my God



absolutely stunning



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So last night I went to a different frat lil’sis party and they were so boring. They just made me miss my frat and they helped me remember all the reasons why I chose PAPhi.. lesson learned. And then I text my big letting him know that I miss him so much, because I really do :(

I’m super excited for “Poker Night” with theee Bros though. I love them alllll (:


I am madly in love with this song. Her voice is so beautiful and the song has a great sound and message.

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I am the happiest person on Earth because I passed my Biology of Aids class. (:

What does a friendship mean?

I realized that: when I’m in Fresno, I connect with my HS friends more but I lose contact with my college friends. And when I’m at school, I lose contact with my HS friends because we’re all too busy focusing on school. I’m not sure which is the better half. I’m not choosing sides but I need to realize which people care more about me; which ones I should keep an everlasting friendship with.

Ahh, got B’s but I’m still waiting for my Biology of Aids class. Omfg, please! A “C-” will make me the happiest person on Earth! :’(

I feel like everyone has their life figured out, and I’m just sitting here being useless and taking up space.

I look at old photos of myself and I don’t see “me” in them.

That moment when you just wanna talk all night but you’re so dang tired BUT you don’t want the conversation to end. <3

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